20G SkyDrive Bump for Windows Phone Users   Leave a comment

Microsoft sent me a nice Christmas surprise today: an extra 20 gigabytes of SkyDrive storage for being a loyal Windows Phone customer. Granted this is for one year, not indefinitely, nevertheless a nice gesture. I think this shows both good customer appreciation as well as some savvy business practice: once I have the extra storage I’m unlikely to go back to just 7 gigs.

Happy Festivus & thanks to the Microsoft SkyDrive & Windows Phone teams.

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The Great Cholesterol Con – A Review   1 comment

I just finished this illuminating book by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. With great passion and a considerable amount of humour, Kendrick examines exactly what cholesterol is, how it is formed and whether or not it has any connection with diet. He then goes on to explain the theory that has metamorphosed over time that LDL (low density lipoprotein), a cholesterol carrier, is the villain behind coronary heart disease (CHD). Next up, he takes on the multi-billion dollar statin drug industry and shows what statins do and what they don’t do.

If you have never questioned the commonly-held beliefs on these issues, this book will shock you. Dr. Kendrick comes to the conclusion, after exhaustive examination of available scientific data that stress, both physical and psychological, is the major contributor to heart disease. He postulates a theory that the body’s autonomous stress responses and the hormones produced by these responses (cortisone, adrenaline, and insulin) are the true basis of the majority of CHD.

If, like me, you are at risk for heart disease due to perceived high cholesterol levels, I highly recommend seeking out as much information as possible to understand why. The more I read on this subject, the more I realize that cholesterol has been misdiagnosed as the cause of heart disease when it is at best a symptom and more likely has nothing to do with it.

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Eating pure sugar is bad for you (yes, I’m looking at you, bread!)   Leave a comment

A nice animated primer on why bread is bad.

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Comparing WP8, IOS, & Android   Leave a comment

This review pretty much sums up why I prefer the Windows Phones over the other 2 main platforms. Hopefully the HTC 8X arrives on Bell soon (already a week late…).

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Denmark Ditches Fat Tax   Leave a comment

Denmark comes to its senses, not due to scientific analysis, but instead from economic pressure.

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French Propose Nutella Tax   Leave a comment

The tax on the table is for the palm oil in the popular spread, not the sugar. Wow. So the French are trying to put a stop to the “French paradox” that shows their rate of atherosclerosis lower than North Americans despite ingesting way more saturated fats? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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Another Misleading Study   2 comments

The EPIC centre, affiliated with the University of Montreal has released a study on the effects of a “Mediterranean Diet” meal vs. a “Junk Food” meal. Again, saturated fats are blamed but the bun/muffin & starchy hash browns (boiled in man-made vegetable oils) are held blameless. To truly understand whether or not saturated fats are healthy you need to change ONLY the fat source for the same meal, not have 2 completely different meals. All this study really proves is that eating fish & veggies is better than spending the morning at McDonald’s. Well no $#!7 Sherlock!

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